Movin On

I didn’t say a proper goodbye to most of you, though you may recall I’ve always said when I leave I’d never make a fuss, just kinda quietly slip out the back door…. and disappear

So don’t be too upset, only being as good as my word.

Well enough of 7 day weeks, esoteric university study, grey overcast skies, New Labour recessions, credit crunches, and that general sucking sound which is the whirlpool of Bristol consuming your will to live(Bristol…come for the weekend, wake up ten years later!)

I’m off…

Everything is gone…the plush cars, the apartment, the offices, and all my assorted stuffs…

What has remained is my truck, my outrageous self confidence, and my passport…sounds like enough if you ask me, hell knows there have been times when I have had less.

So I’m off on a little drive, a little adventure….never been to the Arctic Circle before. Sounds like the beginings of a plan.

I’ll be posting a few words and the odd picture of my little drive so if you’re the slightest bit interested you’ll be able to get a cheap vicarious thrill via the internet!

It’s been real, it’s been fun, but that don’t mean its been real fun.


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