…just a quick aside…….

Thanks for all your comments. I suppose you get a message saying something like…. ‘Awaiting moderation’?


Well you’ve all been moderated.


As the chief moderator I have unilaterally decided not to publish your comments on the website, even though I do read and enjoy them all and will respond through the more appropriate medium of personal email.


There are a few reasons why this is so:


  1. Many of you write bollocks and I’m only protecting you from yourselves.
  2. I enjoy the unadulterated absolute power.
  3. Your general lack of spelling and grammar skills… (Morris! Splitting infinitives yet again…..!)
  4.  …. And finally, this blog is about ME…not your attempted pithy commentary.


Those who disagree with this policy…..see number one again…


Tune in again soon for more excitement




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