A Change of Pace…

The journey goes into a bit of hyper-drive for a while here with me pulling some 18 hour driving stints (thanks again Rick…!) and alas sacrificing the opportunity to witness yet more of the beautiful Norwegian countryside as I often drove all night.

There are 3 reasons for this:

Least of all, this trip is more about the wilds of northern Russia bits than the wilds of northern Norway bits….its just my preference.

Having said that: Norway is fuckin killing my wallet. This is the most expensive place on the planet and I’ve got to get outta here before I blow my whole budget on 1.5 litres of milk at £2.20…a loaf of white bread at £1.95……a simple Burger King Whopper Meal (medium size mind you) at nearly £12.00…. a basic ham and cheese baguette at a gas station at £4.20……you get the picture

And don’t even ask as to the price of petrol….. so another unilateral executive decision….high tail it through the rest of Norway.

But most importantly, I just found out that my dad back in Australia has had a stroke….he’s not too bad right now….the next few weeks will allow the doctors to know some more…

So basically I want to keep driving…..It keeps my mind from thinking too much and gets me closer to civilisation if required.


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