…..and so where were we?

Ahhh leaving Trondheim….it was snowing constantly with the road often disappearing altogether as I headed up the coast until as it got dusk, about four pm, I got to the town of Grong and unable to resist staying in a place called ‘Grong’ asked where the nearest campsite was to be found.

Norwegian campsites are doted all over and consist of both camping facilities and small 2 roomed huts which are for rent. The camping facilities such as toilets and washing rooms are closed this time of year as they freeze but its still ok to camp if you’re mad…which I obviously have become.

So I find the Grong campsite about 2 miles from town….the huts all seem occupied but there is no one in charge so I set up the truck, in the snow near a half finished building, fix some dinner, and off to bed.

When I woke up there was a strange mix of folk assessing me from a distance…..that’s when I found out that the ‘campsite’ had been requisitioned as a refugee holding station full of Afghan, Iraqi, and Somali asylum seekers

They all had cousins family and friends in the UK and wanted to get there asap!…Norway was good they said but too cold….The Norwegian government obviously figures the best way to put them off is to dump ‘em in Grong for a while!….So where is the UK equivalent of Grong do you think?


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