Kirkenes…The End Of The (Norwegian) Line

If Kirkenes is the end of the line……then here a a few pics of the road that leads to the end of the line….


And so to sign off on this part of the adventure I’ll show y’all something kinda weird.

At this latitude the sun and the light do crazy things

Today the sun rose about 9.20am

At midday it was here in the sky.dscn16271

It never rose any higher but was bright and strong.

Then the sun set at 3.00pm, dusk at 3.20pm…..dark at just before 4.00pm

Here is a picture of the sunset.


The light from the setting sun shoots straight up like a roman candle rather than radiating out horizontal like we would expect.

More craziness to follow across the border in Russia I expect.

Bye for now.


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