So next stop….Narvik

I tell you what…these Norwegians ARE an unemotional lot….I mean I crossed into the Arctic Circle…how cool is that?

A tiny little roadmarker, thats how cool…with nowhere to stop of course….I mean even crap African states and unpronouncable Pacific Islands with the Equator running through them build a friggin sign and a photo-op.

I mean in Australia at the tropic of Capricorn they built a goddamn hotel and theme park….and who even knows what the Tropic of Capricorn is anyway??

I think these Norwegians are just a bit bloody lazy actually.

Anyway…I stop at another campsite near Narvik which is a port town built on a fjord…..never let a pristine natural wilderness get in the way of a business opportunity I say.

There was a ferry trip which really had some of the best Fjord stuff going on….check the pics…..mind you it was 3.30 so it was almost dark!




and this was my little hut……oh…and it snowed again


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