Saint Petersburg in my Sights

I think the last time I saw a McDonalds or a Burger King etc was in Trondheim…some 4000km ago

So Harvey and I decide to try the North Russian fast food equivalent


Its 450km from Petrozavodsk to St Petersburg (SPB to those of us in the know) and there are some telltale signs that the major Russian  ‘southern’ cities are getting closer….

1. The really big potholes in the highway have been repaired.

2. Some of the road signs are in English as well.

3. There are more police roadside checkpoints


4. There is much more private traffic on the road


5. And there are many more Highway Patrol cars around….



You can’t see the Highway patrol car with the 2 cops in it?

Well neither the fuck did I…..and after they had lightened my wallet by 4000 roubles (80 pounds)…I was on my way again.

(If you look really close, thats them behind that mound of snow on the left of the picture)

Really…the bastards are the same everywhere aren’t they?

This is the last bridge over the White Sea Canal on the river Svir which joins Lake Onega with Lake Ladoga which SPB is partly located on.


All of those men and women working and dying in these conditions to build that canal….I can’t get it out of my mind…haunted.


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