Just a quick aside regarding Co-pilot 2nd Class Harvey.

Some of the lunatic fringe who follow this site have sent messages with regards to Harvey’s wellbeing.


They have written that it seems;


  1. Perhaps Harvey’s diet is suffering somewhat on the trip.
  2. It looks as if Harvey doesn’t get to leave the truck very often.
  3. Harvey looks a little jaundiced and drawn and maybe is bored.


Well let me tell you something about ol’ Harvey…. Not only is he a lousy conversationalist and a slacker when it comes to doing his share of the driving but the minute my back is turned he is either;


Stuffing is beak with more than his share of the food….


Hogging all the bed….



Sneaking off to the girl’s showers…..




In the hope of a little soapy rub-a-dub-dub shower action….



Or he gets online….


…for Ducky porn.



So you can just knock off sending me concerned emails about friggin Harvey……he’s a pain in the ass.




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