Newflash! Madman Encounters Idiots in Moscow Hostel…Panic Grips City!

Ok…so you all thought I was a bit (or a lot) mad to go off on this little jaunt


Well meet the Idiots (as they call themselves)….


Levi and Ellery…partners in crime and madness


I decide to drive through the Russian Arctic in winter?

These two young American nutters are going to ride bicycles from Vladivostok to Portugal


That’s right…ACROSS the Russian land mass!


The three of us have engaged in some serious discussion as to who really is the more insane…them or me.


They think the being alone in the northern winter clinches it for me…

I say no matter when they are going to attempt this…


…they’re on fuckin bikes!


Mind you everyone else in the hostel (and Moscow in general).just quietly slip away, eyes diverted from the three of us


…seems they think there is nothing to argue about…


In their eyes we’re all mad.


Check out their link



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