An Honourable Mention in Dispatches:

I am constantly and pleasantly surprised by the varied and eclectic mix of readers this blog is accumulating. Further, I must say that while most of you fill my inbox with your drivel, pleas, rantings, and all the other assorted minutiae of your lives…..There are a few who manage to contribute to the betterment of this site and thus my temperament in general.


Many years ago when I was living barefooted on the Mexican beaches of Cabo San Lucas, I met a pretty girl from the US with a big shaggy dog who ran the local shave ice bar…one Patty Haffner.


Throughout my subsequent involuntary vacation in US, Patty stayed in touch and sent me magazines to help me pass the time. Later, Patty met a fine chap, John Prave, and eventually Patty Haffner became Patty Prave.


I met them both when they visited London a few years back and during that time John has developed into a first rate uber-geek with computers.


John has created a nifty little feature which has been incorporated into the previous postings on the site and will be featured in further posts.




With people of John’s calibre on the case, I suppose the rest of you can continue to babble shite in your messages to me.


Well done and a big thank you to John!






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