Dissent and Disagreement.

Well….its taken a couple of months, about 7500 kms, snow and ice, and freezing temperatures….

…but the tensions have mounted and finally all pretence at civility have been abandoned….patience on both sides has finally snapped….

Apparently Harvey feels that I have monopolised the commentary, content, discussion, and tone of this blog while consistently failing to take his imput seriously or give him his due credit regarding his contribution to our adventure.

Some would brand such accusations as slanderous, unjust, and vile….but not I.

So in a typical gesture of equality and fair-mindedness on my part, Harvey Duck will in future have his own travel-blog where he can venture forth with his own comments and appraisal of our ongoing adventure….

So in addition to reading this travel-blog you may be interested to check out Harvey’s contributions at:


In typical understated fashion he has decided to call his new blog…

Harvey on Tour: Back in the USSR

What more can I say?…Enjoy.


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