Art for Arts Sake?

This blog has been filled with Soviet-era memorials and monuments so I suppose It’s only fair I explain the method behind their madness…

Since before the Revolution, Lenin had argued that modern art; cubism, abstracts, impressionism, and the avante guarde were mere representations of bourgeois capitalist society.

Thus Socialist Realism was considered to be the antidote to this situation.

In its earliest forms it was to reflect the ideal of Soviet life and reality….subjects presented in a way that the proletariat understood and that the state could utilise for propaganda.


The Miner….The Girls School..The Female Farmworker……

By the time Stalin came to power, bourgeois art was not just frowned upon but was considered immoral, degenerate, and subversive…and ultimately criminal.

Stalin further demanded that Socialist Realist Art was to represent strength, intimate a forward motion to a brighter future, be positive, grand, uplifting, patriotic, and heroic…..







I don’t know if the photos do justice……but I think Stalin’s aims were ultimately realised….when you see these thing they are inspiring and heroic….still.


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