Smack dab in the centre of the Crimean Peninsula is the capital, and the main transportation hub, Simfeperol…the kind of place you just pass thru on your way to somewhere interesting…..

Unless of course your brake pads seize on the highway into the city….


Hmmm..not much left on those


…and I think that the end of the shock absorber thingy is supposed to be connected to the orangey bit…..


…whilst I have happily ignored the huge hole in the exhaust since SPB!


Luckily I stopped right in front of the auto repair garage of Alexander and Oleg…..


….which was good because my response of hitting things with a hammer wasn’t doing much good….…


My new favourite mechanics!…..

Brakes sourced and replaced

Shock absorber welded and repaired

2 days


…(Richard?…I think we need to renegotiate your prices mate!)

The 2 day wait did give me the chance to stay at the local hostel (another one of Marcus’ mates!) operated by ex-pat American and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire….Kevin.

If the brakes hadn’t taken 2 days I would never have found out that 9/11 was in fact planned and executed by the a secret cabal within the US government and that we are well on the way to a one world government manipulated by a invisible coterie of international bankers…

Honestly, Kevin is one of the nicest guys I’ve met so far….even if the government wants to put a chip in his head.


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