Oddities Russian and Ukrainian Style Part II

In the interests of balanced reporting, it must be said that where there is the weird you can often find the wonderful too…

Drive along most main roads and you will come across these structures on the side of the road…..



what a great idea!….you can drive your car up on these ramps and work on it!….

Mind you it does say something about the reliability and build quality of most Russian vehicles that someone even thought to do this….

And this is pure genius!


These machines are literally on just about every corner because there are no contract phones…only pay as you go.


Walk up

Punch in your mobile phone number

Feed a few notes into the slot


Instant phone credit.

All providers on every machine/any denomination of notes/no scratch cards/no credit cards/no trying to find a store with a machine.

Why can’t we do that?

But then there is still plenty of weirdness to go around…

Do you think that this guy is actually in his lane…do you think he even cares?


With infrastructure like this does Russia really turn of the gas or does the Ukrainian system just collapse at regular intervals?



Travelling around Ukraine on a bicycle…with a pigeon in a little cage and 2 goats?…surely that counts as weird?

For the devout….put a chapel in your front yard that dwarfs your house….


Lost In Translation….

Come in …make yourself at home…do you want a cuppa tea?

…in a hardware store?


Expecting a store full of beautiful sexy chicks….your correspondent was sorely disappointed to find a simple supermarket.


Late at night?…cold? hungry? Running low on gas?


Luckily your local WOG is open.


…and while there is nothing particularly weird about this cat….the way he kept staring at Harvey certainly made him feel a bit weird.

oh and by the way……all across the Crimea….


The water supply is turned off at 10pm every night!


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