When I was in Kiev I needed the rear lights of the truck repaired. A mixture of off-road hooliganism and arctic temperatures has screwed up an earth or something…..

No rear lights

Only one brake light

No reversing lights

……..Unless the headlights and the fog lights were on

Or the trailer was attached…

…and if I put on the high beams everything went off.


So if you recall Sergei (from Microsoft, had put his business card on my windscreen) well he put me in touch with BTR auto service

Boy was I surprised….

They met me at the main road and guided me to the workshop which turned out to be…….

Off-road Nirvana……








And when I say Off-road……


Fuck do I mean OFF-ROAD…..!!!



Boy did my truck look outta place round this workshop!

So 2 guys spent 3 hours dismantling the rear lights, testing everything and then basically rewiring the entire rear of the vehicle


….and then the boss (another Sergei) refused payment in lieu of putting their stickers on the truck!



I am assured that this sticker is the equivalent of a 4×4 passport in Ukraine and boss Sergei is the Godfather of Ukrainian Off-Roading!

Lucked out again!

In the first week of July they are organising a 7 day rally from Kyiv to  near the Polish border, about 900km, in 7 stages….They have invited me to attend and all of you 4X4 aficionados who read the blog….Leonid!..Denis!…from Moscow 4×4….Landy Dave in Greece…Scrap Brad in Bristol….The Rally crew from BOAB 4X4 in Worcester ….y’all reading this?

….and if its too late notice this year…you should definitely ink it in for next year….the venue is great and the people at BTR are simply amazing!

Check out their 4×4 madness at

For rally registration email Irina at BTR


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