Cue The Dancing Bear …….

Those of you that have been following this blog for sometime may recall, way back in March,that I was invited by the Moscow 4×4 Club and its President, Leonid, to attend one of their rallies on the outskirts of Moscow.

Now it was (supposedly) the last official day of winter and they celebrate with a bonfire and games for the kids…..Now in a previous ‘game’ I was deemed to have lost and as such I had to play ‘the bear’.

I must say that all of this was highly suspect…..hmmm, the foreign guest ‘loses’ and we get to take the piss outta him and gain some revenge for losing the Cold War (I figure)….anyway, I digress……

Of course I threw a well aimed spanner into their devious post-communist plans!……the bear suit was a tad too small for the likes of me….so the show had to go on….with just the head.

Now of course

(a)   I can’t hear a word they are saying with the bear head on….


(b)   I can’t understand a word of Russian anyway.

So the kids got to decide what the bear had to do….

First I had to pretend I was  drowning

Then I had to do a dance……

Follow the link…….if its in Russian, press the English option in the top right of the screen.

Hit download, it’ll take maybe 4 mins….

As promised….x

…roll tape.


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